Individual and Small Group Instruction,
Workshops and Consultations.


This class focuses on either making new friends or improving the ones we already have. Specific skills include starting conversations, joining in to groups, and dealing with arguments. ​

Family Relationships

This class focuses on a more peaceful and harmonious family life - making sure that everyone is getting along and getting what they need at the same time. Specific skills include relaxation training, time and conflict management.

Couple Holding Hands
Romance and Love

This class focuses its discussion on either starting romantic relationships or improving the ones we already have. Specific social skills include giving compliments, positive communication, empathy and connecting with others.

Business Meeting
Business Connections

This class takes an in-depth look at our business and workplace relationships. Doing well on interviews, dealing with difficult bosses or co-workers, business and group leadership are some of the main topics of discussion for this class.

Audience and Lecturer
Educational Workshops

Social School offers a variety of workshops related to social emotional learning. Specifically, presentations are offered for schools, businesses or non-profit groups on topics such as conflict management, stress management, relaxation training, and leadership training.


Social School provides high quality consultation for schools, businesses and non-profit groups on topics related to social emotional learning. Behavior modification, preventative education, and conflict management are specialties of our instructor.

What Can Social School do For You?