What Social School Does

Friends.  Family.  Romantic Relationships.  Professional Networks.

These interactions are strands that weave through our lives. Social School is designed to help clients to strengthen these aspects of our social lives. When each strand is strong, they become the rope that connects us to other people and ties our lives together.

Our classes are made up of approximately 30 individual lessons.  They can also be taught as independent mini-units.  Each lesson applies one of the social emotional learning areas to the type of relationship to be improved:  

Self Awareness - Self Management - Social Awareness - Social Management - and Decision Making.

Students enroll in one of the four core classes:

Friendship - Family Relationships - Romance - or Business Connections.

The average student participates in one hour class sessions that provide them with one-on-one instruction tailored to their needs.  These sessions may also include opportunities to practice their skills in a safe “small group” environment.  With guidance from the instructor, the students are able to interact with other students and try out their new skills.

Each student is unique.

Every client receives lessons tailored to his or her needs. Social School is open to anyone, of any age, that is looking to create a happier and emotionally healthier version of themselves.

Call or email to learn what Social School can do for you or your loved ones.

Group of Friends Going on Excursion
happy family
Holding Hands
Business Brainstorm